You Are Lucky : Experiencing Indonesia With The Student of Goettingen University

A month ago the University held the Experiencing Indonesia Programme that attended by the students of Goettingen University, this programme was a cooperation between Islamic State University of Sunan Kalijaga and Goettingen University since last few years, and I was a colleague for the students through some selection and interviewed by the committee.

The students stayed in Indonesia for two weeks and felt all about Indonesia's life like how the people, goverment, food, culture and also the religion in indonesia were, because most of them was a student who studied in religious and culture also Islamic studies in Germany.

To complete the experience they had some class everyday for the discussion and sharing together, we discuss the History of Islamic in Indonesia, and contemporary Islamic in Indonesia also they shared how about the Moeslim in Germany especially the refugee of the Middle East in Europe issues etch. the visiting not only getting the happiness but also the knowledge to each other.

After the discussion in the class we had also some touring to many recomended places around Jogja, we went to Tamansari as one of heritage culture certainly Keraton as the main purpose to know more Jogja deeply from the history, culture, and goverment (Kesultanan) in the past.

We also visited pesantren in Mlangi, Pesantren is the education system originated of Indonesian traditional (Islamic Boarding school)  this Pesantren we visited had an interested Go Green programme for santri (Student who lives in pesantren) "The Go green Programme suggest us to be friendship with the nature" the ustadz said, so beside learning the classic books (Yellow books) The santris also learn how to farm from the farmers around pesantren area sometimes they also learn in the grass field to refresh their mind and getting focus to the lesson they studied.

We went to the beach, the most popular beach in Jogja is Parangtritis, the southern coast of Java. The Tourist who visits Jogja they should visit parangtritis if they don't its mean they do not visit Jogja yet, so many tourist in the weekend to enjoy the atmosphere of the beach, sometimes people do the meditation according to the Java mithology that Nyi roro kidul as the spirit power or deity Queen of Southern sea of Java. And next trip we went to Goa pindul.

 The last day after two weeks I accompanied Hivan, my Goettingen's friend took lunch in Ambarukmo Plaza, "Abduh If you come to Germany you can stay at my home and you can eat for free" Hivan said. Ofcourse I hope sometime I will be in there, going to your home and taking for my free eating hahah, I said to him.

"You know Abduh two weeks in Indonesia is not enough, I want to know more about Indonesia, you are Lucky because you come from here, with wonderful country, awesome culture, and good people".
then I said, You also lucky men because you come from Germany so we can share each other, how you do your life and how we do our life. 

After taking lunch we went back to the Hotel then he packed the clothes and prepared to leave Indonesia. but what he said still reminded and made me more proud with this country, and to you all Indonesian who think that you are not better and pessimistic because you come from Indonesia you are wrong. you have to be confident because you are lucky.

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